Here's a tip for you novice comic book collectors, (I speak from experience since I am one).  Whenever the mass media pays attention to a comic book release, that means something big might be happening.  That also gives a massive audience reason to step into a comic book store and actually purchase a book despite probably not doing so since they were 11 years old down at the local drug store when they got their gum, baseball cards, and a comic.  I should have known better, caught the warning signs when issue #700 of Amazing Spiderman was approaching.  Also, it was the day after Christmas so I wasn't on my "A Game" like I usually am.  And to add, I've earned a "pull list" at the local comic store, which means they usually grab my favorite titles when they come out.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't express my interest in Spidey #700 like I should have.  So, Thursday rolls around, I pop in to the store, and guess what?  Sold out.  But, I did get another Spidey title because this current storyline would be crossing over a few titles and have a brand new launch of "Superior Spiderman" in January 2013.
So after a few calls around town to other possible comic outlets, I had to do something I didn't think I would do...purchase the digital copy online.  Yep, technology has caught up with comics in that you can download the latest and greatest right onto your laptop, ipad, iphone, etc.  I enjoy the physical touch of the comics, and will one day enjoy handing over the collection I've been working on for over a year to my son.  But my spider-sense was tingling about this issue and I wanted to read and see what the hype was all about in Spidey #700.  Its been a while since comics have been noticed in the media.  Usually its just the superhero themed movies these days, but in the last decade the big comic companies have rolled out a few storylines that made the rest of the world perk up and take notice.  The Death of Superman, Post 9/11 Spiderman, the Death of Captain America, a few heroes coming out, a relaunch of an entire company, (DC New 52), and as of now, Spiderman #700.
(Spoiler Alert) So, the idea was pretty interesting.  Spiderman is once again going toe to tentacles with Doctor Octopus, and a gigantic switcheroo takes place in that Spidey's brain is now in the dying body of Doc Oc, and Doc Oc's brain is in the body of a healthy Spiderman, (along with all the memories and feelings too).  So, unfortunately I had read in the press that #700 was going to be the death of Peter Parker so I knew what was coming when I started reading  this issue.  I have to say though, with the pacing of the story, and the artwork and dialogue, I was anxious.  I was hoping Peter would pull out a miracle in the last seconds...but leading up to the climax, Peter has visions of people from his past, and a pep talk from Uncle Ben.  But as the story continues, Doc Oc is starting to feel a little more emotion behind the phrase, "with great power comes great responsibility".  Almost a transformation of classic bad guy to the cusp of a possible good guy with all new possibilities.  If I've learned anything in comics, nobody truly dies.  In an alternate universe, I'm reading another Spidey title where Peter Parker is also gone and a teenage black kid has taken over the web slinging.  "Superior Spiderman" kicks off early 2013, and I think I'm along for the ride.  Doc Oc isn't exaclty my favorite villian, but the writers already have me hooked with the battle within of good vs. evil in his own mind.  I like rebellious writers who are given a chance at some creativity, and make the masses notice. 

p.s. Good luck trying to track down a 1st printing copy of this bad boy...they went quick.

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